Travelling means investing in yourself. You’re giving a portion of your time and money and you’re rewarded with the wealth of a broader mind, lots of energy, a rich experience, improved body, mind & spirit and a lot of personal happiness. The amount of days doesn’t matter; the quality of your experience does.

In my last article I asked you something:

Imagine the doctor says you’ve got only 3 months to live. Would you still continue living the way you are right now?

How happy are you with your life?

If you’re happy with your daily life and job, congratulations: you’re already an inspirational human! But if there’s anything you’d like to change in your day to day life, then it’s time to try something new. Try to discover what makes you happy and if you don’t know or are not sure yet, then the open world is the best place to discover what you truly want in life. While short-term travelling (maximum 3 weeks) is mostly an escape from day to day life, long-term travelling (at least 1 month; some travel even for 6 months, a year or a few years) often gives you the biggest life experience one can ever gain.

Benefits of long-term travelling

Long-term travelling helps you to discover, adapt and gain a better understanding of yourself, your goals in life and things that really make you happy. Leaving your everyday worries behind for a long period gives a lot of mind space and time to focus on things that are more important. During travels you meet new people in unfamiliar places, who are likely to be like-minded and inspire you with their life choices. You get to know more about different cultures and learn more about how other people live. Those meetings, flavours, smells, colours and experiences will remain with you forever. Travel memories are things no money can buy!

What about your career?

Many people think their career will end if they start long-term travelling. A gap in your resumé is often considered something bad. But is that really true? I feel nowadays recruiters are more likely to look at the person rather than their education, grades and work experience. The competition at the job market is killing nowadays; there are so many people who are trying for the same job and have the same education, qualities, work experience etc. However, when you’ve done something offbeat and amazing in life, you’re more likely to stand out in job interviews. You’ll have stories and life experiences to share very less persons can even think about.

In my experience travelling only adds more value to your personal brand story and your resumé.

Once in life, take the leap: travel long-term!

I would recommend to travel long-term at least once in life. Challenge yourself, gain confidence, become stronger, value experience, live in the here & now and most of all: be happy!

Follow your heart and never give up on things that make you smile 🙂

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