For ten years I had worked for very less money, with working weeks of 50 to 80 hours per week and mostly short, tough deadlines. Until I got beaten up with words by my coach, Sharon Goeman. She said I charged way too less for my work and expertise. That had to change!

I grew up in an orthodox Surinamese-Indian family in which I, as a girl and young person, was supposed to just obey. Do whatever I was asked to. Not to expect anything in return. Don’t ask questions. Don’t argue or start a discussion. Although I often did in the Surinamese-Indian community, I remained too soft for Dutch society, especially for a young entrepreneur.

I was 14 years old when I started freelancing and 20 when I registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. In primary school they already told me that I had a lot of talent and was way ahead for my age. However, I had never valued myself enough to negotiate and have a proper price tag attached to my qualities. Thanks to Sharon, in 2016 I finally made the decision to say no to my clients and increase my wages. Out of 12 clients only 2 stayed.

Then I was asked for an amazing job (as an employee) and there I learned that appreciation in money is not enough. One should also be valued as a person and for one’s qualities and expertise. So in the end I decided to cancel my permanent job contract and get away from it all. I was done making a career. Done with the rat race, the continuous “have tos” and obeying society’s norms and unwritten rules. I left for India for 3 months and soon I got a taste for more.

After reorganizing and redesigning my entrepreneurship I gave up my rental apartment, sold my stuff, packed my backpacks and again left for the country of my ancestors, India, with just 15 kgs of luggage. This time for a long period of time. I travel here as a digital nomad, which means that I combine working with travelling. This way I create a lot of space to take control of my own life and to enjoy huge freedom, with plenty of space for personal development.

Due to the corona crisis India is currently in lockdown, which means that now I mainly sit indoors and work. I had the opportunity to return to the Netherlands, but I decided not to. At the moment I am safer here than there and above all I still enjoy my freedom to do whatever I want peacefully, even though I am only allowed to go outside to get groceries.

The hostel where I’m staying is a very nice place and I enjoy working, chatting with my housemate and practicing meditations, yoga and workouts. The lockdown is expected to be lifted gradually from Monday. When normal life continues here, I will continue my journey.

Before I left, the NPO2 camera crew wanted to meet me and make recordings for their TV program “Jong en Hindoe”. The program will be broadcast today, at 4:25 PM on NPO2. You can watch the broadcast on this link.

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