Since I am back from India I am being guided to something. It feels like the universe is preparing to set me free and now it’s up to me to put in the effort to make things happen.

For 13 years I studied and worked day in and day out, feeling like a programmed creature. Although my life felt routine and I had a good career, I always felt some emptiness inside me, because I always felt that I’m not really living. I didn’t feel my heart beating, I didn’t do exciting things, I didn’t let the crazy girl inside me run free…..

But now I feel my time has come. Although I’m worried about how I’m going to pay my bills etc. Whatever is happening in my life right now feels as a sign that I need to be moved in a certain direction. I need an environment where I have all the time and space to work on myself, my life, my talents, skills, so that, in the end, I can put myself to use for the good of others.

I’m preparing to go where my heart takes me… and if you read my blogs or follow me on Instagram, you’ll know where that will be 🙂

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