I have been in India for 7 months now. Damn, it has been a crazy journey! I came here mostly to learn more about life, explore myself and grow as a person. Well, I think I surely did!

It all started in Mumbai, where I spent one week just recovering from my jetlag and exploring nearby places. I met an awesome friend from BBTI and went to the Elephanta Caves. Although I had travelled in India earlier, I noticed I felt very insecure, as I am not that social (former workaholic with almost no life, friends etc.) and it was my first time staying and travelling in a big Indian city.

From Mumbai I went to Igatpuri for a 10-day vipassana, where I realised more and more how restless and fragile my mind is. There was so much to figure out in life and I had great difficulty finding mental peace. There were so many impulses, I almost wasn’t able to meditate at all! So many thoughts, emotions, questions and insecurities….. Maybe it was also because I had a session with a very accurate nadi astrologer the day before and that triggered a lot.

After the vipassana I felt a very strong urge to go to Pune. I wanted to strengthen my mind and in Pune there is a gun shooting academy where you don’t only learn to shoot guns and rifles, but also get physical exercise daily, with a sports coach and yoga instructor. So I wanted to go there and participate in the 1-month foundation course. Unfortunately, soon after the COVID-19 regulations, lock-down etc. kicked in and the course got suspended.

At that time I was staying at a PG that was recommended via BBTI too (BBTI is a very helpful group, as you know😊). In the beginning all was well and very nice, but soon the PG owner started to cut expenses on even essential things like food and internet. I got malnourished, wasn’t able to work properly (no WiFi) and as if that wasn’t enough, he started his own restaurant downstairs and getting people with COVID-19 symptoms, all against the rules & regulations and just to earn more money.

Although my situation was very bad over there, I have learned a lot from the experience. It felt like a big survival journey inside a building with no possibility to go to another accommodation (others weren’t willing to accept new people or didn’t provide proper food or cooking facilities.. also transport was a big issue). Even delivery options were almost zero at that location. I felt stuck with no proper options to move from there. So it was a good time to explore my own inner strength, mental capacities and creativity.

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