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Slowing down and redesigning life from the inside out

The longer I am in India, the more I realise I’m on a spiritual journey. This journey seems to be about identity and I guess I’m using my blog mostly to figure things out, organise my thoughts and write things off my mind. It’s difficult to understand what nomadic slow living does to me and […]

My true travel style: nomadic slow living

The longer I’m in India, the more I’m being redirected. My original idea was to travel a lot and follow some programs on ancient Indian practices from time to time. However, COVID-19 forced me to reconsider my plans and go for nomadic slow living instead, which I am actually starting to like. Nomadic slow living […]

7 months in India as a spiritual nomad (part 2)

At the end of June I was able to go to another place where it was more safe and I could cook my own food. It was the backpacker’s hostel where I had stayed before, when I had just come to Pune. I met some very nice people and had a great time there, but […]

7 crazy months in India as a spiritual nomad (part 1)

I have been in India for 7 months now. Damn, it has been a crazy journey! I came here mostly to learn more about life, explore myself and grow as a person. Well, I think I surely did! It all started in Mumbai, where I spent one week just recovering from my jetlag and exploring […]

Dealing with my emotional rollercoaster and broken trust

A journey in India does a lot with a person, especially during these pandemic times. Some people call it “crazy”, “amazing”, “life-changing” or “horrible”. For me, it’s like a cocktail. Or maybe a rollercoaster is a better metaphor….. I have great difficulty dealing with my feelings and emotions, as they’re getting more and more overwhelming. […]

Learning to enjoy food, for the first time in 28 years!

Since childhood I had some “hate-love relationship” with food. Snacks and tapas were great for me, but I was always gathering courage to have meals. I could spend at least one hour on a small portion of food and I never really enjoyed eating meals. It was more that I “had to” eat (fuel for […]

6 months of living in India as a nomad

On 4 February I moved to India, to live here as a minimalistic nomad. I wanted to explore living in India and immerse myself into the journey of exploring life and working on my personal development, as I had been workaholic most of my life. Also, I wanted to discover where I belong, as even […]

Too Dutch for India, too Indian for the Netherlands

It has been almost five months since I reached India on this latest journey of mine. Due to the pandemic situation I haven’t been able to travel much, but I was still able to explore a lot regarding Indian daily life. In the last three months I have actually had the experience of living in […]

It takes a lot to be able to live your dream…..

Since the moment I left the rat race I’ve had to deal with several slaps and crashes. My life got upside down and I got inside out, as many old things were coming up. Feelings, emotions, memories and lots of unprocessed thoughts. To be honest, it felt like I took off a plaster from a […]