• She designed the life she loves

  • Takes a break and gives her soul what it needs

  • Went on a journey to live

  • Doesn’t let life escape her

  • Because FEAR means: Face Everything And Rise

Hello, I’m Ranjita!

Hello, I’m Ranjita!

In 2018 I quit the rat race and took the first step towards designing a life of my own. I travelled the Indian Himalaya‘s for 3 months and got inspired by the nomad’s life. When I came back to the Netherlands, I redesigned my life, packed my backpacks, sold everything off and went on a long journey in India. Here I live as a digital nomad.

She will rise again

She will rise again

"She will rise again" is the meaning of my first name Annastasia and also suits my personal journey. From a young girl knocked down by traumatic life experiences & burnt out by the rat race to a young woman who set herself free and went on a solo self-discovery journey in the country of her ancestors. Back to her roots and the native country of her spirituality.

The longer I am in India, the more I realise I’m on a spiritual journey. This journey seems to be about identity and I guess I’m using my blog mostly to figure things out, organise my thoughts and write things off my mind. It’s difficult to understand what nomadic slow living does to me and […]

The longer I’m in India, the more I’m being redirected. My original idea was to travel a lot and follow some programs on ancient Indian practices from time to time. However, COVID-19 forced me to reconsider my plans and go for nomadic slow living instead, which I am actually starting to like. Nomadic slow living […]

At the end of June I was able to go to another place where it was more safe and I could cook my own food. It was the backpacker’s hostel where I had stayed before, when I had just come to Pune. I met some very nice people and had a great time there, but […]